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Maintaining Lewisham properties through sash window repair


Lewisham’s traditional properties have one thing in common, they all have traditional sliding sash windows which all require servicing and sash window repair at some point. Sash window repair can constitute a number of things. Firstly sash window repairs can mean replacement of sash cords and counterbalancing the sash so that they work properly. Sash window repair can mean new sills or replacement rails on sashes. These replacement rails can save considerable amount of money on over enitre replacement. And in this article we’re going to go through all of the different variations of Lewisham sash window repairs.

Lewisham sash windows repairs

The first thing to look at in sash window repairs in Lewisham is the sash cords. When sash cords become old they begin to frey and can snap. This is a bit of a problem because if they snap whilst the windows open you can actually break the glazing as well. So to solve this you need to install new sash cords. To install new sash cords you simply take staff bead off of the box frame itself. Once you remove the staff bead from the box frame you can then cut the cords if they’re still in place for the lower sash and remove that as well. Once you’ve removed the lower sash you can then remove the parting bead. The parting bead is the trim between the two sashes that stop them clashing against each other.

With the parting bead now removed you can simply remove the top sash. Now that the frame is completely bare there’s something known as a pocket on the sides of the frame. You open the pocket and you can remove the sash weights. With the sash weights removed you simply install new sash cords around the pulley and pull them through with a little tool known as a mouse. You simply Thai the weights on to the cords and then pulled chords back through the box. This gives you your new sash cords in the frame to reinstall the sashes you just use nails on the sides of the chords to the sashes. You can then attach them and put the Parting bead and then subsequently the lowest Ash back into position. If you need more information on replacing a sash cord you can visit this really handy website that shows you exactly how to replace a sash cord(in London) for less than £10.

Sash window sill replacement a slightly different thing. This is where you actually structurally all to the box frame itself. By altering the box frame you remove the window sill and then you try to splice in the new one exactly in the same way that the old one was situated. The idea is the once the repairs complete that you won’t actually know that you’ve even required a new sill replacement in the first place. So replacement can save considerable money on entire replacement of sash windows. To give you an idea of sill replacement could cost as little as £240 including VAT whilst an entire replacement window can be as much as £2,000. As you can see it’s a considerable saving.

Replacing glazing of sash windows in Lewisham

Another form of sash window repair in Lewisham is where you replace new panes of glass. Occasionally a stone or something could hit the sash and this can result in a broken pane of glass. Because traditional properties in Lewisham only have 3mm glazing it means that it’s actually quite easy to break the glass. Replacement is actually quite simple though. You simply take out the old pane of glass where it was buried in with putty in a couple of pins holding it in place and then simply drop a new section of glass in. Then you install putty over the top and it’s done. Occasionally if you’re on a first or second floor you might actually need to remove the window. But as we already mentioned earlier in the article it’s a simple case of taking the window of apart and then of course where you’ve replaced the sash cords anyway, you will glaze the window at the same time.

glazing of sash windows
glazing of sash windows

The other type of sash window repair that you commonly find in Lewisham is a replacement lower rail of a sash. The lower rail of a sash is simply replaced by cutting out from the from the stiles and then splicing in a new section. The idea is once this repairs effected that you won’t actually know that the rail has been replaced and it resolves entirely replacing the window.

Double glazing
Double glazing

To conclude Lewisham sash window repairs it’s really important to look after traditional sliding proper properties in Lewisham. By replacing the timbers as required rather than all you can save a considerable amount on replacement and also keep these lovely traditional properties in Lewisham looking exactly as they should. If you’d like to learn more about sash window repairs in Lewisham please do send me a mail and I’ll go in far more detail for you.

Lewisham sash windows

wooden single glazed window frame
wooden single glazed window frame

Pay special attention to your sash windows in Lewisham because they’re extremely expensive and normally a very high Quality Joinery. This is because they were constructed over 100 years ago by master craftsmen and we still don’t replicate them any better. If you’ve got original sash windows and they need repair definitely don’t just throw them away. It’s definitely worth speaking to a traditional sash window specialist restoration company that will definitely want to help you with looking after your sash windows in Lewisham.

Most sash window specialists that work with renovation will like to keep almost 99% of the windows. For the unfortunate sash windows that have already been replaced it’s actually possible to have like a like manufactured sash window replicated in traditional wooden window workshop environments. These sash windows practically look like single glazed except come with the benefit of being double glazed typically they’re actually Argon filled double glazed units.

If you have a Victorian property in Lewisham you’re almost certain to understand what sash windows are. You’ll understand that they can rattle, be draughty, and be a real pain to open and close if they’ve been painted shut. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worked on and improved. Most people they’ve got the original sash windows were just simply have them repaired in a draught proofing system installed that will really help temperature overall in the property.

Typical cost for sash window repair in Lewisham range from anywhere from £300 for window all the way up to £1,000 for window but the bottom end of the range would normally mean that the window just needs a little bit of patching up and a full draught proofing system when you sash cords. This also means that the windows will function for the next 20 years absolutely fine and you’ll be out of paying them no problem without getting them stuck. it also does depend on which sash window company you go to because some of more expensive than others.

There are far smaller one man bands that will be able to service them for the lower rate for sure but the bigger companies are heading up towards £700 or £800 for window now. The problem with the one man bands is that it’s great that you get the cheap price in the beginning but if something goes wrong they could just disappear and that would be the end of them. There will be no warranty or no come back. Once you’ve paid that pretty much it. With the largest sash window specialist company you’re certain to be able to call them up in a few years time and if you’ve got a broken or snapped cord or something’s gone wrong then you’re definitely going to be able to get them to come round and give you a hand again for free.

Lewisham sash windows can actually be upgraded as well. If you’ve got single glazed sash windows and you think they’re too cold you can actually ask someone to install double glazing into the original sash. The very best original sash window companies will be able to take your sash windows and install double glazed units that have got Argon filled gas in directly into these sashes. Now they just put them back together with a draught roofing system and they go; a very efficient sash window. if I had single glazed sash windows I would absolutely have double glazing into the original sash because it’s as cheap as it gets to have double glazing but has most of the benefits of full replacement.

In summary for Lewisham sash windows if you have The original sashes keep them. If you can’t live with the cold have double glazing into existing sash. And if you’ve had your windows replaced w ghastly UPVC pull them out and put quality hardwood timber sash windows back in their place as soon as you can.Your property will definitely thank you for it.

Building in Lewisham


There are many properties in Lewisham that are literally falling to pieces and this is great news for all of the local builders as there’s plenty of work to go round. It couldn’t be a better time to be a builder in this local area and of course with the house prices and general area improving there’s so much money moving in there’s so much opportunity.

Lewisham has so many Victorian properties and as a result of the neglect and lack of money in the area for the last 3 or 4 decades it’s meant that some of these properties are have fallen into a state of disrepair but the good news is with property prices and a surge in families moving into the area were seeing the complete reversal of this now. In fact finding a property that needing renovation is getting more and more difficult but there are some bargain still to be had sub £600,000.

One great idea at the moment is to buy property for investment that’s in a state of disrepair and have a local builder fix it and hopefully you should make a tidy profit even with the costly second home stamp duty that’s been put in place to try to curb this kind of investment. Buying a place for £600,000 and then spending an extra £150,000 can we view the property nearly worth in the region of £850 to £900,000. Granted there’s a fair bit of tax involved and also you have the stamp duty but they still a healthy profit to be made by giving someone a high quality home that’s ready to move into. There are plenty of willing buyers volunteering their money to move into these high-end properties that are ready to go in Lewisham.

One of the really important things to look out when you’re buying a Victorian property in Lewisham is that has there been much movement structurally in the property and will the new purchaser of be able to loan against the property. Will the bank deem the property structurally good enough for a mortgage. If the answer is yes then that’s brilliant you are ready to go. Don’t worry you don’t have to work this out yourself it’s really easy you just get yourself a structural engineer or surveyor and they’ll give you a full report which will actually cover you legally and mean that you can ensure yourself against any potential issues in the future.

Victorian style
Victorian style

One of the most expensive things to fix on Victorian properties is the sash windows. That’s because they are constructed of high quality timber and it takes a master craftsman to fix. repair, or replace them. These beautiful windows were hand made and crafted over 100 years ago and same techniques and now applied even today. The only difference between now and then is the actually some of them are double glazed rather than just single glazed. Further to that some sash windows can now actually be triple glazed but we’re going way too off Topic.

victorian windows
victorian windows

Another critical part of the property is a central heating system. Whilst you’ve got the house gutted do make sure to take advantage and re plumb and install a new central heating system. With the cost of fuel rising and people expecting efficient properties you really must make sure that you get your central heating right.

The other thing to pay attention to is the quality of the kitchen and bathrooms. You really want to spend a little bit of money here because people spending nearly £1000000 on a property really expect to be able to live in comfort. Really don’t want them to think that you’ve checked out and bought a B&Q bathroom when something far more bespoke would actually add value of the market the property better when it comes to sale.

All in all it’s a great time to be a builder in Lewisham and the we hope that you consider the area for investment and living in the future. If you need any more information I’ve been absolutely glad to volunteer it so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I’ve missed something.

House prices in Lewisham


House prices in Lewisham were some of the fastest rising in the whole of UK in 2018 and that looks set to continue into 2019 too. The reason for this is because the central London market is so expensive at the moment the masses are moving further afield. Also the transport links in Lewisham are getting better and better making central really quick trip even less than 25 minutes.

Most people are picking a smaller mortgage and a bit of a travel into central London rather than the hefty bill every month and a very quick driving. It’s completely understandable with how accessible the whole of the London network and transport is right now. If you think the typical house in central London my cost you around £4/5 million pounds it’s just insane when you move the further outside and all the sudden the same properties just £1 million it’s still a lot of money but it’s nothing compared to the same bracket of liability.

City of London
City of London

The great thing about the house prices increasing in Lewisham is that everywhere is becoming a far better place to live and there’s so much more that can be done in the area to rejuvenate it. There’s now many families moving into the area improving the prospects could dramatically from just 5 years ago period, this can only be a good thing for Lewisham as it begins to thrive.

There’s been a massive boom of restoration and refurbishment work on properties in Lewisham to as a result. With so many people having money in the area, finally the whole place is becoming a far nicer environment to live in.

With 2019 property prices in London looking like they my slow down or even reverse Lewisham seems a safe bet if you’re looking for somewhere to move at the moment simply because of the sheer lack of cost here. You can buy a beautiful 3-bedroom bay fronted home with sash windows for as little as £550,000 and needs work doing.

For many years Lewisham’s had a bad reputation but with the central London house pricing just going ballistic at the moment people have had no choice but to move into the area and as a result is just a nice place to be. Personally, if I had the money to invest at the moment, it would be Lewisham simply because so many people are moving in it’s certain that house prices won’t stay down. And if I were to guess that if there are any areas in London that will actually go up in price this year it will certainly be Lewisham. I’m a huge fan of Lewisham and I’m very grateful that the area is considerably improving.

As a result of all this internal and external investment the schools in Lewisham are becoming a fast safe for a better place for your children too. Quite frankly I don’t think it will be long before it’s one of the go to places in London.

If you were searching the internet looking for ideas and places to live and you came across Lewisham or perhaps you were even thinking about the possibility of living in Lewisham anyway. I think that this article should help you make the mind up and you should just do it move there and join all of the other families that are prospering as a result of the central London house pricing.

In summary it’s plain to see that I’m a big favourite of Lewisham. But that’s not just biased if you think about the fact that they’ve also had a far bigger increase in travel network and public travel as well as traffic control for cars everything is going in the right direction for new Lewisham. For me, it would be a firm favourite to buy a 3-bedroom bay fronted house that needed renovation you’re certain to do well. I can’t believe the house pricing in London dropping across the board would actually have that bigger effect on Lewisham given the prices are already stunted as it is.

In my next article I’ll be looking at places to eat and places to go in Lewisham to please stay tuned and keep an eye out for my next blog post thank you very much bye bye.

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