Volunteer Centre Lewisham is the first step for volunteering within Lewisham, making it easy for Lewisham’s residents, from all backgrounds and abilities, to get more involved in their communities.

We achieve this in four ways:


Supporting individuals to find the right volunteering role: and supporting organisations to find the right volunteers.


Communicating with stakeholders to ensure that they are informed about what is happening in volunteering in Lewisham.


Helping individuals to develop skills and confidence and organisations to develop good practice and volunteering opportunities.


Campaigning on behalf of volunteers to ensure that the time and skills given are valued and recognised, locally, regionally and nationally.

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Impact of cuts on volunteering in Lewisham Survey

In Lewisham we have recently been informed about the recommendations for main grants, and given that there were applications for almost £9m for available funds of less than £4m, available funds elsewhere has also proved to be a challenge a great many of us are having to make some stark choices including closing projects and making staff redundant.


Here at...

Reduction in Income Leading to Reduced Service

We at Volunteer Centre Lewisham need to inform you that due to a substantial reduction in income as from July 2015 we are going to be providing a far reduced service.


Lewisham’s Voluntary and Community Sector has been preparing for some time now for a major hit to main grants funding, and we do have to recognise that The Mayor Steve Bullock, protected the sector from...


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Alison is a 50 year old lady who has learning difficulties herself but this has not stopped her from helping others twice weekly at Deptford Reach and on the other days she volunteers teaching badminton. She continues to develop herself through training so that she can motivate others and increase her knowledge to pass on to others who face difficulties and hardship.
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