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House prices in Lewisham were some of the fastest rising in the whole of UK in 2018 and that looks set to continue into 2019 too. The reason for this is because the central London market is so expensive at the moment the masses are moving further afield. Also the transport links in Lewisham are getting better and better making central really quick trip even less than 25 minutes.

Most people are picking a smaller mortgage and a bit of a travel into central London rather than the hefty bill every month and a very quick driving. It’s completely understandable with how accessible the whole of the London network and transport is right now. If you think the typical house in central London my cost you around £4/5 million pounds it’s just insane when you move the further outside and all the sudden the same properties just £1 million it’s still a lot of money but it’s nothing compared to the same bracket of liability.

City of London
City of London

The great thing about the house prices increasing in Lewisham is that everywhere is becoming a far better place to live and there’s so much more that can be done in the area to rejuvenate it. There’s now many families moving into the area improving the prospects could dramatically from just 5 years ago period, this can only be a good thing for Lewisham as it begins to thrive.

There’s been a massive boom of restoration and refurbishment work on properties in Lewisham to as a result. With so many people having money in the area, finally the whole place is becoming a far nicer environment to live in.

With 2019 property prices in London looking like they my slow down or even reverse Lewisham seems a safe bet if you’re looking for somewhere to move at the moment simply because of the sheer lack of cost here. You can buy a beautiful 3-bedroom bay fronted home with sash windows for as little as £550,000 and needs work doing.

For many years Lewisham’s had a bad reputation but with the central London house pricing just going ballistic at the moment people have had no choice but to move into the area and as a result is just a nice place to be. Personally, if I had the money to invest at the moment, it would be Lewisham simply because so many people are moving in it’s certain that house prices won’t stay down. And if I were to guess that if there are any areas in London that will actually go up in price this year it will certainly be Lewisham. I’m a huge fan of Lewisham and I’m very grateful that the area is considerably improving.

As a result of all this internal and external investment the schools in Lewisham are becoming a fast safe for a better place for your children too. Quite frankly I don’t think it will be long before it’s one of the go to places in London.

If you were searching the internet looking for ideas and places to live and you came across Lewisham or perhaps you were even thinking about the possibility of living in Lewisham anyway. I think that this article should help you make the mind up and you should just do it move there and join all of the other families that are prospering as a result of the central London house pricing.

In summary it’s plain to see that I’m a big favourite of Lewisham. But that’s not just biased if you think about the fact that they’ve also had a far bigger increase in travel network and public travel as well as traffic control for cars everything is going in the right direction for new Lewisham. For me, it would be a firm favourite to buy a 3-bedroom bay fronted house that needed renovation you’re certain to do well. I can’t believe the house pricing in London dropping across the board would actually have that bigger effect on Lewisham given the prices are already stunted as it is.

In my next article I’ll be looking at places to eat and places to go in Lewisham to please stay tuned and keep an eye out for my next blog post thank you very much bye bye.

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