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wooden single glazed window frame
wooden single glazed window frame

Pay special attention to your sash windows in Lewisham because they’re extremely expensive and normally a very high Quality Joinery. This is because they were constructed over 100 years ago by master craftsmen and we still don’t replicate them any better. If you’ve got original sash windows and they need repair definitely don’t just throw them away. It’s definitely worth speaking to a traditional sash window specialist restoration company that will definitely want to help you with looking after your sash windows in Lewisham.

Most sash window specialists that work with renovation will like to keep almost 99% of the windows. For the unfortunate sash windows that have already been replaced it’s actually possible to have like a like manufactured sash window replicated in traditional wooden window workshop environments. These sash windows practically look like single glazed except come with the benefit of being double glazed typically they’re actually Argon filled double glazed units.

If you have a Victorian property in Lewisham you’re almost certain to understand what sash windows are. You’ll understand that they can rattle, be draughty, and be a real pain to open and close if they’ve been painted shut. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worked on and improved. Most people they’ve got the original sash windows were just simply have them repaired in a draught proofing system installed that will really help temperature overall in the property.

Typical cost for sash window repair in Lewisham range from anywhere from £300 for window all the way up to £1,000 for window but the bottom end of the range would normally mean that the window just needs a little bit of patching up and a full draught proofing system when you sash cords. This also means that the windows will function for the next 20 years absolutely fine and you’ll be out of paying them no problem without getting them stuck. it also does depend on which sash window company you go to because some of more expensive than others.

There are far smaller one man bands that will be able to service them for the lower rate for sure but the bigger companies are heading up towards £700 or £800 for window now. The problem with the one man bands is that it’s great that you get the cheap price in the beginning but if something goes wrong they could just disappear and that would be the end of them. There will be no warranty or no come back. Once you’ve paid that pretty much it. With the largest sash window specialist company you’re certain to be able to call them up in a few years time and if you’ve got a broken or snapped cord or something’s gone wrong then you’re definitely going to be able to get them to come round and give you a hand again for free.

Lewisham sash windows can actually be upgraded as well. If you’ve got single glazed sash windows and you think they’re too cold you can actually ask someone to install double glazing into the original sash. The very best original sash window companies will be able to take your sash windows and install double glazed units that have got Argon filled gas in directly into these sashes. Now they just put them back together with a draught roofing system and they go; a very efficient sash window. if I had single glazed sash windows I would absolutely have double glazing into the original sash because it’s as cheap as it gets to have double glazing but has most of the benefits of full replacement.

In summary for Lewisham sash windows if you have The original sashes keep them. If you can’t live with the cold have double glazing into existing sash. And if you’ve had your windows replaced w ghastly UPVC pull them out and put quality hardwood timber sash windows back in their place as soon as you can.Your property will definitely thank you for it.

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