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Lewisham’s traditional properties have one thing in common, they all have traditional sliding sash windows which all require servicing and sash window repair at some point. Sash window repair can constitute a number of things. Firstly sash window repairs can mean replacement of sash cords and counterbalancing the sash so that they work properly. Sash window repair can mean new sills or replacement rails on sashes. These replacement rails can save considerable amount of money on over enitre replacement. And in this article we’re going to go through all of the different variations of Lewisham sash window repairs.

Lewisham sash windows repairs

The first thing to look at in sash window repairs in Lewisham is the sash cords. When sash cords become old they begin to frey and can snap. This is a bit of a problem because if they snap whilst the windows open you can actually break the glazing as well. So to solve this you need to install new sash cords. To install new sash cords you simply take staff bead off of the box frame itself. Once you remove the staff bead from the box frame you can then cut the cords if they’re still in place for the lower sash and remove that as well. Once you’ve removed the lower sash you can then remove the parting bead. The parting bead is the trim between the two sashes that stop them clashing against each other.

With the parting bead now removed you can simply remove the top sash. Now that the frame is completely bare there’s something known as a pocket on the sides of the frame. You open the pocket and you can remove the sash weights. With the sash weights removed you simply install new sash cords around the pulley and pull them through with a little tool known as a mouse. You simply Thai the weights on to the cords and then pulled chords back through the box. This gives you your new sash cords in the frame to reinstall the sashes you just use nails on the sides of the chords to the sashes. You can then attach them and put the Parting bead and then subsequently the lowest Ash back into position. If you need more information on replacing a sash cord you can visit this really handy website that shows you exactly how to replace a sash cord(in London) for less than £10.

Sash window sill replacement a slightly different thing. This is where you actually structurally all to the box frame itself. By altering the box frame you remove the window sill and then you try to splice in the new one exactly in the same way that the old one was situated. The idea is the once the repairs complete that you won’t actually know that you’ve even required a new sill replacement in the first place. So replacement can save considerable money on entire replacement of sash windows. To give you an idea of sill replacement could cost as little as £240 including VAT whilst an entire replacement window can be as much as £2,000. As you can see it’s a considerable saving.

Replacing glazing of sash windows in Lewisham

Another form of sash window repair in Lewisham is where you replace new panes of glass. Occasionally a stone or something could hit the sash and this can result in a broken pane of glass. Because traditional properties in Lewisham only have 3mm glazing it means that it’s actually quite easy to break the glass. Replacement is actually quite simple though. You simply take out the old pane of glass where it was buried in with putty in a couple of pins holding it in place and then simply drop a new section of glass in. Then you install putty over the top and it’s done. Occasionally if you’re on a first or second floor you might actually need to remove the window. But as we already mentioned earlier in the article it’s a simple case of taking the window of apart and then of course where you’ve replaced the sash cords anyway, you will glaze the window at the same time.

glazing of sash windows
glazing of sash windows

The other type of sash window repair that you commonly find in Lewisham is a replacement lower rail of a sash. The lower rail of a sash is simply replaced by cutting out from the from the stiles and then splicing in a new section. The idea is once this repairs effected that you won’t actually know that the rail has been replaced and it resolves entirely replacing the window.

Double glazing
Double glazing

To conclude Lewisham sash window repairs it’s really important to look after traditional sliding proper properties in Lewisham. By replacing the timbers as required rather than all you can save a considerable amount on replacement and also keep these lovely traditional properties in Lewisham looking exactly as they should. If you’d like to learn more about sash window repairs in Lewisham please do send me a mail and I’ll go in far more detail for you.

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